January 25, 2017 | Your Guide to Winter Cycling | envirocentre

Cycling is a rewarding activity and can be done year-round. If you are just beginning to cycle in the colder months, take the time to learn and build your confidence. With some bike preparation, a good route and the right clothes you can extend your cycling season.

There are five main things to keep in mind when riding year-round. These are fundamental regardless of where you live, although some become more important in colder, snowier climate.

bike photoBike: Use a suitable bicycle that is properly outfitted and maintained.

Gear: Make sure you’re properly clothed for some of the extremes that winter can throw at you. This means dress for warmth, visibility and be prepared for changes in weather.

Visibility: With less light and fewer riders on the roads, it is essential to equip your bike with lights so that you can be seen by other road users.

Skills: Winter riding calls for a slightly different skillset than the warmer months. Become aware of the challenges and skills to overcome them.

Route Planning: Get to know which routes are regularly plowed, where the pinch points may be and alternatives to heavily travelled car routes.



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