The Sustainable Kingston Plan

In 2010, the City of Kingston approved the Sustainable Kingston Plan, also known as the ‘Plan’. The Plan was developed over a 24 month period with extensive input from individuals, municipal government, Kingston institutions, businesses and community organizations and takes into consideration the four elements of sustainability – cultural vitality, economic health, environmental responsibility, and social equity. It acts as the roadmap and measuring tool for all sustainability progress in the City.

The Sustainable Kingston Plan supports the community to move towards sustainability in several ways:

  • It reflects Kingstonians’ desire to foster a sense of community ownership, stewardship, community resilience and self-sufficiency, now and in the future
  • It expresses our willingness to be specific about how we preserve, bolster, utilize and protect our cultural, economic, environmental and social resources so they will be enjoyed by future generations
  • It acknowledges the Kingston community’s profound concern with the current management of the Earth’s natural and human resources
  • It demonstrates our intention to become an example to other Canadian communities as they seek to become more sustainable

4 pillars

The Sustainable Kingston Plan is an example of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

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In 2012, Sustainable Kingston had been working on the implementation of the Plan through various activities, events and projects.

In 2016, Sustainable Kingston reviewed the status of the Plan and identified the need to increase focus on measurable outcomes we wanted to see in the community. By acknowledging the emphasis on the integration of the pillars, we introduced six ‘Priority Areas.’

These new six Priority Areas are the basis for our actions and reporting moving forward.