For organizations in Kingston looking to grow their competitive advantage through sustainability, Green Economy Kingston provides the guidance, resources, and networks needed to set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, and recognizes its members for their progress.

Member Services

Green Economy Kingston members gain access to resources, tools, and guidance that help them set and achieve GHG emissions reduction targets.


Green Team Guide: A guide that supports your organization in setting up an empowered and well-functioning Green Team.

Project Idea Book: A collection of projects that your organization can consider implementing to reduce environmental impacts. Projects are assessed for projected GHG reductions, cost, and the degree to which employees will become engaged.

Sustainability Communications Toolkit: Speaking the ‘language of sustainability’ might be seen as a challenge for organizations that have little experience managing sustainability. This toolkit will equip your organization with what it needs to effectively tell the story of its sustainability journey.


GHG Accounting Software: All Green Economy Kingston members receive user-friendly software that helps them measure GHG emissions and monitor their progress towards targets.

Member Recognition:

Evening of Recognition: At the Annual Evening of Recognition, members of Green Economy Kingston are recognized for their progress during the previous year, with awards being given to top-performing members.

Print & Web Recognition: The progress that our members make towards their GHG Reduction Targets is featured in Sustainable Kingston’s Annual Report, social media, and website.

Member Opportunities

Membership in Green Economy Kingston opens the door for an organization to capitalize on the many opportunities behind sustainability.

Member opportunities
Member Milestones

Through membership in Green Economy Kingston, organizations commit to achieving 5 key program milestones. With support at every step of the way, our members are able to set and achieve ambitious GHG reduction targets, and are recognized for their progress.

Green Economy Kingston Milestones

Event Season

Membership includes access to the Event Season, which runs from April to November each year.  Our members receive free passes to eight annual events featuring sustainability thought leaders and professional networking opportunities with other likeminded organizations.

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Membership Rates

Membership rates are tailored to an organization’s size (number of employees). Annual membership rates range from $500 to $5,950.

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Green Economy Kingston is one of 8 social enterprises across Ontario convening networks of businesses setting sustainability targets with the support of Sustainability CoLab.

Together we’re demonstrating that a more sustainable economy is possible.