For organizations in Kingston looking to grow their competitive advantage through sustainability, Green Economy Kingston provides the guidance, resources, and networks needed to set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, and recognizes its members for their progress.

About the Program

Green Economy Kingston is a program for businesses and organizations that are committed to taking action on climate change by setting targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

How does Green Economy Kingston Work?

The program operates under a membership model – Green Economy Kingston members gain access to resources, guidance, and coaching that supports them in measuring their greenhouse gas emissions and setting a target to reduce them. The progress that our members make towards their targets is recognized on our website, annual reports, and at the Annual Evening of Recognition.

Why Set a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target?

Setting targets on key performance metrics can benefit an organization in a number of ways.

Focus: Setting a target on GHG emissions helps employees zero-in on a specific goal and unifies a team as it works towards a desired outcome.

Exposure: A public facing GHG emissions reduction target can generate positive exposure for an organization, particularly as it achieves progress towards the target.

Progress: Target-setting inspires progress in a business and provides clear direction for reaching a goal. What gets measured, gets managed.

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Green Economy Kingston is one of 8 social enterprises across Ontario convening networks of businesses setting sustainability targets with the support of Sustainability CoLab.

Together we’re demonstrating that a more sustainable economy is possible.