Member Since: 2016
Baseline Year:
To be Determined
GHG Reduction Target:
To be Determined
Current Milestone:
2 – Measuring Baseline GHG Emissions

About the Organization

Western Landscape Services operates with a qualified crew to carry out design/build landscape construction projects backed by a strong arboriculture and maintenance department. We take pride in our quality of work, and have a strong commitment to health and safety as well as sustainable design and customer satisfaction.


Landscape Design/Build, Property Maintenance & Aboriculture.

Highlighted Sustainability Projects

  • Western Landscape Services encourages its crew to travel direct to job site, instead of stopping at the office as a mid-point. This avoids the unnecessary generation of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing vehicle travel distance.
  • Plant a Tree Make our City Cool
  • Sustainable Art
  • Free Tree Program

Year-Over-Year Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Graph coming soon!

Mission Statement

“In Partnership with Mother Nature.” This is our business philosophy both in the office and on our job sites.

Connect with Western Landscape Services:

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