About Sustainable Kingston

Our mission is to enhance the livability and resiliency of Kingston. We do this by sharing knowledge and providing resources and programs that drive community action.

Who We Are

We are a small, dedicated team motivated by a shared passion for progress towards sustainability in Kingston. We work together with our volunteers and community partners to realize our community’s vision for sustainability: Kingston, Canada’s Most Sustainable City.


s_sustainabilityIn 2008, the City of Kingston began a two-year process to develop a sustainable community plan with considerable input from the community. The final plan, called the Sustainable Kingston Plan, was developed over a 24 month period and launched in 2010. The plan takes into consideration the four pillars of sustainability – cultural vitality, economic health, environmental responsibility, and social equity. It acts as the roadmap and measuring tool for all sustainability progress in the City. The Sustainable Kingston Corporation was created in 2012 to provide governance for the plan, to monitor and report out on progress, and to support the community in achieving its goals and targets.

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